Are you trying to work from home because of the pandemic, but are frustrated by your demanding young children?


Do you feel like you can’t get a moment’s peace and quiet, and then feel guilty when you snap at them?

Digital Daycare Frustrated Parent

Get DAILY Peace and Quite As Your Child Is Engaged In A Fun Online Activity

You’ll have a reliable digital daycare service at your fingertips, where your child will be engaged in fun, daily activities. Go have the cup of coffee in peace, get that important work project completed, or just have some much-needed “me time” – you deserve it!

Entertaining and Educational Activities Delivered By A Qualified Professional

We have years of experience with children. You’ll be leaving your child in the best possible hands. Let us help them expand their imagination, keep them entertained and occupied, all while they learn more about the world around them.

Instantly Have A calmer And More Content Family

Children have a lot of energy and they need routine, two things they are missing during the lockdown. Daily sessions with our professional daycare team will allow them to channel this energy while you recharge your batteries, so you both come back to each other with renewed energy. This cultivates a long term happy and content family dynamic.


We have the solution – Register Below:

Digital Daycare Child Having Fun




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What Our Parents are Saying

This has brought so much balance to my home life. I am super grateful! Well worth the investment.
Kelly P.

My kids love showing me what they have created today all by themselves. I have really noticed a change in their self confidence. I’m very pleased with this service.
Mary S.

I can’t get over my kid actually stitting still while doing these activies. She is so absorbed in them and looks forward to it! I am so happy that I found this service!
John A.

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